Bed & Breakfast


Willo’Wind first opened its doors as a Bed & Breakfast in December of 1985. We have continued to welcome guests in the spirit of hospitality, enabling them to experience life on a farm and the pleasure of living in the country. Willo’Wind has also opened its doors as a yoga studio and performance art space, integrating these practices with the farm life that surrounds them. We have welcomed guests from all different walks of life, and thoroughly enjoyed the presence of young guests.

However,  for the first time in 30 years we are closing our doors to welcome family members home as they look for a new home in the Toronto area. It has been a privilege and pleasure to welcome and receive guests these many years.  There is a deep interest and love for the farming way of life. We have been happy to share it with guests and look forward to perhaps one day opening them once again.

In the meantime please consider visiting  Windreach Farm  for your accommodation interest.



Contact us to arrange your booking.

Amenities & Facilities

Number of Rooms: 2

Beds Available: Double, Queen, Crib

Bathrooms Available: Shared

Breakfast Service: Full, Vegetarian, Organic Food, Gluten free

No smoking or pets are allowed inside the house.



  • Double Room: $70/60
  • Single Room: $45/35
  • Children 4 – 16 yrs:  $10
  • Children 4 and Under: free.


Contact Info

12740 Concession Rd 5
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1R2

adrian (at)

(905) 852 3878