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CSA 2024

Listening to the news and observing social media, it is easy for people to be overwhelmed and immobilized by the impossibility of anything good coming for 2024. The talk of war, rising interest rates, rising cost of goods etc. lets us know that psychologically we are in the season of winter! Farmers understand the season […]

Planting Seeds

Keep Planting! Every year presents its challenges to us and every year we keep returning to the planting of seeds.                                                                         […]

Summer CSA 2022 now Open!

For centuries farmers have had faith in very small seeds. That faith is rooted in deep practices and knowledge of their seeds, their soil, the seasons, of success and even failure.  Such a great photo! Taken in 2020 this photo says it all. Here at Willo’Wind we believe spring will come and with it another […]

Welcome to CSA 2021!

What can be said about 2020 that has not been said already?! It was quite the year? Definitely! It is easy to rhyme off the challenges, and obstacles facing farms and the farming community. Let’s start the year off on another tack – all the things that went surprisingly well this year here at Willo’Wind […]

Spring IS Coming!

It is spring and the farm is quickly transforming from winter to our growing season. Nature is carving its course regardless of quarantine and stock markets and the overbuying of products at stores!  This is reassuring. Seeds are sprouting, the earth is warming and there is work to be done. Your constant support for small, […]

Welcome to CSA 2020!

Sign up for CSA 2020! How is it a small family farm, once simply a hobby farm, flourishes into putting food on the table for 120 CSA members and customers at four vibrant Farmers’ Markets?! It is simply the belief that this is a way to feed the world. This belief draws people to our […]

Do You Know Your Farmer

Do You Know Your Farmer? As we launch CSA 2018 here at Willo’Wind we pose a question to all our readers and customers: When you buy your food do you know the farmer who farmed it? Better than any label this knowledge is your best guarantee for where your food comes from. The purpose of […]

2018 CSA sign up is now open!

Dear Friends,       A farm is a living, breathing patch of land, a space where human endeavour meets nature head on.  Some farm practices try to subdue and dominate nature making it a servant to financial aims.  Sustainable farming is more the dance of two unlikely partners trying to get in step with each other! […]

Winter Sleigh Rides On The Farm!!

  Looking for something different to do with your family & friends? Come experience an authentic, horse-drawn sleigh ride or wagon ride! We are now offering sleigh rides pulled by our awesome team of horses Maggie and Millie! Book a private sleigh ride with friends, family, or your special someone. Enjoy the surrounding beauty of […]

Food Is Not A Widget

Food is not a widget! This great statement is from an article on the importance of preserving rare breed livestock. What is a widget you ask? Something that can be industrially produced in great quantity. The glory of food is in the incredible diversity of tastes, aromas, and textures. A tomato is not an inanimate […]

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