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The Birds & The Bees!

Ban the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides – An Update! Last October we posted news about the issue of neonicotinoid pesticides. We have further news that not only bees but birds as well are at significant risk. On our farm we have hives that belong to a local beekeeper. While his bees are safe on our land […]

Willo’Wind Wednesday Farmer’s Market

On  Wednesday  June  4th  Willo’Wind  Farm pops up a tent at our third Farmer’s Market location for the 2014 season. Willo’Wind will now be part of the MyMarket  Farmer’s Market at their Bloor-Borden location. MyMarket is the result of the work done by Farmers’ Markets Ontario  (FAO)  in response to the growing problem of identifying the difference between  real farmers and those […]

Welcome Spring and Happy Easter to All

It is Definitley Easter on the Farm!                                              Chicks are here, kittens are born and Madeline, our proud muscovy duck, is setting on her nest!  Some sure signs that spring is here and the Easter season is upon us! This time marks the begining of our season. We invite you this year to learn the […]

Summer CSA Applications Now Available!!!

We have started our CSA membership sign up for the coming 2014 season!!! A very big thank you for supporting our farm for the 2013 season. A strong local sustainable food system is only possible because of people like you who support it. We hope you enjoyed the benefits of receiving fresh local organic food […]

Congratulations Sandy!!!

  Eleven Little Piglets Willo’Wind’s First Batch of Piglets Born On Farm On March 10th around 3am Sandy, our Birkshire sow, gave birth to 11 little piglets.  Close to 4 months ago Sandy was bred to a Large Black boar at another Organic Farm near Stouffville. Sandy is now  producing close to 10 kg (22 […]

More Introductions

We Have Some More Additions to Introduce Angie Angie is an eight month old gilt (young female pig yet to have piglets) that we aquired from another farm in the area. We have never seen a pig as frendly as this. She will actually lay down to get a belly rub. We are currently waiting […]

Meet Willo’Wind’s Gentle Giants

Maggie and Millie   Millie 2000 lbs and 6ft at shoulders Millie came to our farm Mid-December from an Organic Farm in Elora, Ontario. We are still getting to know Millie. She is very reserved for affection, playing hard to get. However, her ability to respond to comands puts Maggie to shame and makes Millie […]


We Have Puppies! Two of our  farm dogs, Jax and Jessie have had puppies. Jessie, the great mum that she is, raised a litter of eight health pups that are now ready to go to new homes. Currently available  are two females and 3 males.  All puppies have been dewormed and have had their 1st […]


BRINGING THE FARM TO THE CITY Coming to the Heintzman Neighbourhood: Event Focused on Raising Awarness about Local, Sustainable Food Date:  Febuary/March Location: Party room at 61 Heintzman Time: 10am to 3pm Have you ever wondered “where does my food come from”? The Farmers here at Willo’ Wind Farm are providing you with an opportunity […]

Willo’Wind Interns

                   One of the programmes our farm participates in is C.R.A.F.T. (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training). This means we offer an internship programme here at Willo’Wind. It is an exchange of “the interns labour and commitment and the farmer’s  instruction, supervision, education, time and commitment”. We have been so fortunate this season to […]

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