Summer CSA 2022 now Open!

For centuries farmers have had faith in very small seeds. That faith is rooted in deep practices and knowledge of their seeds, their soil, the seasons, of success and even failure.  Such a great photo! Taken in 2020 this photo says it all. Here at Willo’Wind we believe spring will come and with it another great harvest of good food, great markets and wonderful customers. Come February our greenhouses will start humming. Seeds will arrive, the smell and feel of earth will fill the air and Willo’Wind CSA 2022 begins.

Our application for the upcoming season is enclosed and we look forward to entering into, and sharing the season with you and your families. Please note that similar to last year our Early Bird Sign Up Bonus will be in the form of a discount that you can apply immediately to the cost of your CSA. Sign up before March 1st and apply the $25 deduction with our gratitude for your early support, so very needed at the start of a farming season.

We have taken COVID in stride as we take the seasons in stride. There is always the unknown storm, the unexpected loss, the devastating turn of events BUT if you keep taking those small seeds and planting them – be they vegetable seeds or seeds of hope – thankfully life breaks through again and again.

Our team here with workers Filemon, Cecilio, Nibardo and others look forward to your support and enthusiasm as we bring, once again, great organic, local, sustainable food to your tables.

Planting Seeds Again!  Adrian and Elizabeth

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