Spring IS Coming!

It is spring and the farm is quickly transforming from winter to our growing season. Nature is carving its course regardless of quarantine and stock markets and the overbuying of products at stores!  This is reassuring. Seeds are sprouting, the earth is warming and there is work to be done. Your constant support for small, local, organic farming means there will be food on the table during times of global crisis. Our CSA is quickly filling up and we look forward to market days.

This is not to say there are not significant challenges here! Our deepest concern is for our workers coming from Mexico. The current travel bans extend to these workers, workers who keep agriculture moving in Ontario and across Canada. Our hope is that by mid April these bans will have been lifted and workers will be arriving. If not, the whole of Canadian agriculture and its food supply is at risk. We are working on contingency plans for our farm because we will be filling CSA boxes the beginning of June and hoping to be at Farmers’ Markets.

We realize that it is possible if the virus is not under control by May we might be dealing with Market closures. We are working to see that Markets remain open for the coming season and will keep you posted. We feel for all those farmers that are currently relying on their year round markets that are now closed.

Hell or High Water, or COVID 19 farmers farm and that is a wonderful thing!



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