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Listening to the news and observing social media, it is easy for people to be overwhelmed and immobilized by the impossibility of anything good coming for 2024. The talk of war, rising interest rates, rising cost of goods etc. lets us know that psychologically we are in the season of winter! Farmers understand the season of winter. Generally people think it is the season of rest for farmers but we would suggest that it is the season of worry! What will the weather be like? Is it a year of drought or too much rain? Will there be crop failure? What will our markets be like? With the climate changing what will the pest load be this year? It takes faith to look out over frozen fields with little life in sight and believe that those same fields will yield food, employment and life. After years of farming here at Willo’Wind we have learned to have faith in our fields and the work of our hands.

You too can count on this. As you share in our Summer CSA 2024 season and support local farming you can know that food will be on your table, Farmers’ Markets will thrive, and life not only goes on but you are part of an ecological cycle nourishing the earth. 

To say that the 2023 growing season was a tough one, would be an understatement. After the past years of the weather being on the dry side, and even having drought patches, the rain just kept coming last summer. In fact, we had one rain event where the precipitation we received in one day was the same amount of precipitation we received in all of August and July 2022 combined!

Watching freshly planted crops sit in half a foot of water slowly dying and the dollar signs literally float away can be a very depressing scene. These are the times as a farmer you can really be at your lowest. However, these are also the times when you lean on your community the most, our CSA community is no exception. we can’t tell you how meaningful it is to have the support you all show and express.  Kind words of appreciation at the market, or surprise when we say how tough the weather is and that you haven’t noticed because the bins look so full and bountiful, really go a long way. 

It is the encouragement we need when the going gets tough, to pick ourselves up and keep hoeing that row. So once again we are truly grateful to have such a great community that believes in our farm and supports us. Thank you!







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