Thanksgiving Turkeys

Turkey 2013

Thanksgiving turkeys are ready! Well almost, they just need to finish their tasty treat of watermelon.

Early Thursday morning we will take these turkeys to a local abattoir where they will be humanely processed to be made ready for our consumption. During their life these turkeys had access to fresh pasture, non-genetically modified grain from our local feed mill, and market garden scraps. We take pride in the fact that these turkeys were able live a life close to that of their wild cousins we see roaming in the harvested grain fields.

This is in contrast to turkeys raised in a conventional setting where they are overcrowded and have no ability to roam. These conditions make it necessary for them to be fed medicated feed to ensure their survival.

 When you sit down to enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey give thanks for its life, and consider:

“how did this turkey get to my plate?”  


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