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Tasty, Healthy, and Organically Raised

Incorporating animals into our farm completes our whole farm organic approach to farming and fertility. What is the result? High quality, healthy meat packed with flavor. We use their manure to make our compost; this is a large source of fertility for our fields, especially our vegetable gardens. Also, the animals are fed directly from our hay and pasture fields, thereby allowing those fields to be rested (not tilled). This helps the soil structure to grow and builds fertility. It also helps break pest, disease, and weed cycles.

All the animals raised on the farm are raised in a humane and sustainable way, with high standards of animal husbandry. We believe that all the animals should be treated as the living beings they are, and not just as units of production. Furthermore, that animals should have the ability to live in a way that enables them to do the things required of their species. Chickens are able to run, eat bugs, scratch soil, have dust baths. Pigs are able to root and wallow. Sheep are able to roam and graze, etc. Animals on the farm are only treated with antibiotics or any other unnatural medicine if we feel their life and well being is at risk. Those animals would also not be sold for slaughter.

Our poultry  need a large amount of grain. We currently purchase an Organic grain mix. It has no added hormones or antibiotics, and it comes from a local feed supplier. 








How To Buy

If you are interested in purchasing our eggs and meats, there are a few ways to do it:

Farmers’ Market Pick-Up: Visit us at a farmers’ market, where we bring a variety of meats to choose from. In order to guarantee that you get exactly what you are looking for, you can contact us to pre-order in advance of pick up.

Delivery: Contact us to get your meats delivered. The minimum order for delivery in the Uxbridge area is $50 and the minimum order for delivery outside of Uxbridge is $100.

Shop Online: Visit our online shop to purchase all of our farm products. They can be picked up at the farmer’s market or here at the farm. 

In Your CSA Box: CSA customers can request that a meat order be added to their bin.

Contact us to arrange pick-up or delivery

Organic Eggs- Available!!!

1 dozen $9.00

NOTE: items that are crossed out are currently sold out


Chicken (Organic) 

Organic Stew Hens: $15.00/bird









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