Do You Know Your Farmer

Do You Know Your Farmer?
As we launch CSA 2018 here at Willo’Wind we pose a question to all our readers and customers:

When you buy your food do you know the farmer who farmed it?

Better than any label this knowledge is your best guarantee for where your food comes from.
The purpose of organic certification and labelling was to reassure customers that what they were purchasing was in fact organic and farmed with sustainable practices. This is still a good option particularly for those foods not produced in your province or country. However, it is also true that there are now complex arrays of labels that indicate organic products with a variety of standards.

Here at Willo’Wind we took the decision to channel energy that would have to go into the certification process and focus that on our own organic and sustainable practices. If you know your farmer you know your food.

As we tend the plants in the greenhouse, and prepare our mobile coups for livestock, Summer CSA 2018 does not seem very far away! By signing up early in the season it gives us time to plan for existing members and make room for new members. Invite friends and family to be part of strong, local, sustainable farms. Tell them about the Willo’Wind CSA and as a thank you we offer $15 certificates for each new member you sign up. Simply have them write “referred by” and your name on the application and we will take care of the rest.
As farmland and farmers disappear from the GTA and the land turns over to developers make it a practice to know your farmer and your food. Encourage farmers to continue farming by buying locally.
We have a clear, strong vision for strong, local, sustainable food systems. Join us in that vision!

Cheers, Adrian and Elizabeth

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