We Have Puppies!

Two of our  farm dogs, Jax and Jessie have had puppies. Jessie, the great mum that she is, raised a litter of eight health pups that are now ready to go to new homes.

Currently available  are two females and 3 males. 

All puppies have been dewormed and have had their 1st round of shots.

Jessie (image on left)  is a Border Collie , Australian Shepherd cross and Jax (image on right) is an Australian Shepherd.

Both parents are working dogs. Jessie is the coyote chaser and has taken it upon herslef to make sure these wild canines stay off of our property. Jax, along with helping Jessie, makes himslef useful via helping corral and contain our livestock.

These dogs  are high energy and love having a job to do and their pups will be just like them becoming excellent farm dogs, eventing dogs, and/or life long compainions.

We are asking $350 per pup.



That’s it for puppies this year!

All of the pups have found new homes!

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took a puppy and we hope that your journey with these Willo’Wind pups will be a delight.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if something were to come up with your new household members.

Thank you

Your Willo’Wind Farmers


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