Meet Willo’Wind’s Gentle Giants

Maggie and Millie

Maggie and Millie 001


Maggie and Millie 009

1600 lbs and 6 ft a shoulders

Maggie has been at Willo’Wind for over 3 years now. Her desire to work is undying, she loves being in harness and is always chopping at the bit to work harder. However, she is still a sweatheart and will take all of the affection she can get.




Maggie and Millie 008

2000 lbs and 6ft at shoulders

Millie came to our farm Mid-December from an Organic Farm in Elora, Ontario. We are still getting to know Millie. She is very reserved for affection, playing hard to get. However, her ability to respond to comands puts Maggie to shame and makes Millie a joy to work with.






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