More Introductions

We Have Some More Additions to Introduce



Sandy is our newly aquired 6 year old Berkshire sow.  As you can tell by the picture she is a big girl.

Sandy was bred to a Large Black boar before she came to Willo’Wind. If all goes as planned she will be farrowing (giving birth) in a couple of months to, hopefully, a litter of eight piglets.




Angie is an eight month old gilt (young female pig yet to have piglets) that we aquired from another farm in the area.

We have never seen a pig as frendly as this. She will actually lay down to get a belly rub. We are currently waiting for her to cycle into a heat so she can be bred.




Seven Piglets

These Large Black piglets are enjoying themselves at their new home here at Willo’Wind. Currently, just under two months old these guys will be ready for your table in about six months.




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